Wasn’t it just yesterday?

My dear friend Tina wrote this beautiful essay:

Wasn’t it just yesterday….

when we could sleep till noon?

go shopping without a stroller?

leave the house without anything but our wallet and not worry about some fluid from our children being on our clothes?

walk around the house without stepping over or on toys?

eat a meal at one sitting without having to get up twenty times for various needs of other family members?

Wasn’t it just yesterday…

the women in this picture had three less marriages and seven less children between them?

Wasn’t it just yesterday…..

we would do it all over again?

Wasn’t it today that we should realize how blessed we really all have been the past 4 years since this picture even though we all may weigh a few pounds more and have less time and complain about both.

Wasn’t it just yesterday….

I talked to you…no it could have been days or weeks but either way you are all there for me and it does feel like just yesterday we talked.

I hope this makes you all feel warm and fuzzy now go back to the warmth of the laundry that needs folding, the baby that needs nursing, and the husband that needs tending and know that we are all there with you and even though there are miles between us we are all still very connected, loved and blessed!

Love you all,

This picture was taken right before Tina’s wedding at her bridal spa day. That’s her in the hat she wore on her Jamaican honeymoon. Stef, whose toes I’m doing, Tina and I all got married in 2002. Juliet, back left, was already married with a daughter. Juliet, Stef and I all had babies this year.

And yes, it does just seem like yesterday!!

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