A Visit with Santa

(I’m trying to take away the cup in the above picture~ Oh and can I also mention (of course I can, it’s my blog) I shrunk this sweater! I am so bummed! Of course I got it at Goodwill, versus J.Crew, so my loss isn’t as great, but I am still thoroughly disappointed, especially since I looked for a care tag before I washed it (and found it after shrinkage) and have never owned angora before and have never shrunk anything before. )

As you can see, Aviana is still not too thrilled with the Man, but she “standed nest to him” and talked with him this time, with me right there.

He asked her what she wanted for Christmas, and she told him, “Dat fing dat Mama dot at Tardet yesterday.”

Oh yes, she knows what she wants.

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