Valentine’s Day

I started off sharing my breakfast in bed with my toddler. Then we finally got out the door (after much bluster, bargaining and bribery) to buy milk and fresh fruit and veggies of which we were completely out.
We made it to music class only a little late, then I had to get adjusted as I have had a headachey week. Both girls napped fairly well, but not at the same time, unfortunately for me.

Brielle assisted in my baby food making marathon by not pulling everything off the counter. We made enough ‘baby’ food to last until she is on solids altogether, and can eat more textures. We concocted a lot of options, including: veggie trio-potato, parsnips, and yam, yam puree, acorn squash puree, acorn squash and apple, carrot puree, another veggie trio–yam, carrots and broccoli, pear sauce, and a broccoli and potato puree. In case you’re wondering, I just make a one time huge mess making her food from fresh fruits and veggies, freeze tablespoon size servings in ice cube trays, and we’re good to go.

Then Aviana helped make Daddy’s heart cookie for Valentine’s Day, while Brielle slept in the Mei Tai. Every year I try to make a giant cookie like they sell at Cookies and More, and every year I end up baking it too long and it is challenging to crunch through. It’s still tasty with ice cream.

Kevin grilled the three meat eaters steak, even though there’s a foot of snow in the ground, it’s about 8ยบ and he couldn’t really see what he was doing. Brielle, meanwhile, immensely enjoyed her first taste of squash. ๐Ÿ™‚

We got the girlies to bed and the kitchen cleaned up finally! For some reason we ran really late, and then ended up getting into a hugeish fight. Grrr. It seems like we always do that on special days or when we’re about to go on a special trip. I know Satan wants us fighting instead of making our marriage stronger and more beautiful, so why do I still fall for it? I can be soooooooooo immature!

Anyway, that was Valentine’s Day for us. What’d you do?

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. I made my homemade baby food just like that…freezing in ice cube trays…that was so handy, healthy and so much cheaper than store-bought!

    Loved all your pictures and hearing about your day! My girls had been preparing for V-day since the day after New Year’s (I guess they nab onto anything exciting, poor things! ha) and so we had quite the “homemade” gift fest at breakfast! We had a tea party breakfast with special treats and real tea/teapot/china cups and good manners (of course!)…then we got to go to dentist appts! (woo-hoo! that made dds day!) and then to my best friends for 2 hours of fun and visiting. Home to make Daddy’s favorite meal (bbq’d meatballs, etc–last minute change from heart-shaped pizza) and dessert…coincidentally, we always make a giant cookie too…and mine was brittle around the edges (argh!). Then DH surprised us with gifts.

    It was turning into the perfect day…got the girls in bed…and the minute it was just me and him…the phone rang. My friend who is going through a divorce called needing an outlet. Talked to her till after 10 pm, had to wake hubby who’d snoozed off in his recliner…

    It was a nice day, all in all…

  2. Hey Jess,
    I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who fights with my hubby on special days! This V-Day was an exception. I am learning to discern when to keep my mouth shut and when to say something back.
    It’s funny though how it seems that fights occur a lot on special days. The devil must just laugh and laugh at us!

    For the first time ever, my hubby had a dozen red roses delivered to me on V-Day! I was on cloud 9. We rented some movies and picked up Burger King and watched one video with our girls. I got the girls to bed on time and then we watched another movie…this one being really stupid. It was the best V-Day ever, probably because my hubby never acknowledges the day and this time he did!

  3. Sounds like you both had way fun days! Isn’t it great when your husband makes you feel special?

    Mary-I’m looking forward to when we can do teaparties! Gifts from DH, sweet~!

    Julie-way to go Trav! I bet the roses were gorgeous!

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