Unsolved Mysteries

***The children are happily playing while Kevin and I are installing curtain rods. Why, when we leave the room, does it take them exactly 20 1/2 seconds to find us and commence the hubbub once again just feet away from us?

***I call into the living room from the kitchen while the kids are loudly disagreeing. No response. I notch it up to teacher voice. No response. I holler. Delayed response.
Later, I whisper, “Does anyone want to help make lemon bars?” Three smiling faces rapidly appear into the kitchen. How is this possible?
***Why do two year olds think they need to change their clothes eleventeen times a day?
***The baby is sitting up perfectly well with no toppling or wobbling for long lengths of time. Why, when I go answer the phone or to the restroom, does he suddenly lose his balance and commence wailing?
***Why can I not seem to leave well enough alone?
***Why is the getting out so much easier than the putting away?
***Why is Dada the one treated to the beauty spa on the first day I sleep in for weeks?
***I love to go to church and worship God. I love to go to Pilates and yoga and strengthen my core and do some thoughtful concentration. I always leave feeling so much more rested and centered. Why is it I almost always arrive at these two places, where I will gain some major mental good, breathless, flustered and late?
I don’t even to actually know why. I just want it to STOP.

3 thoughts on “Unsolved Mysteries

  1. Aw, Jessica! I sympathize with you. 🙂 Some days (weeks, months) are just hard!

    I think why is because God is exalted and our relationship with Christ is strengthened in our weaknesses…even the tiniest in our eyes are magnificent opportunities in His.

    God bless!

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