Things I do not care for One. Little. Bit:

–dealing with tantrums first thing in the morning

–my husband saying he’s going to go down and clean out the chick/duck stock tank and then disappearing for three hours

–feeling hungover all day, and not deserving to feel hungover since 2000

–missing church

–blood curdling screams every. single. time I put down the baby

–the toddler falling asleep while in motion at 5:15 p.m. and not knowing whether to wake her so she’ll “fall right asleep after dinner” or leave her be and hope she’ll sleep all night and not wet the bed

–making the wrong decision

–dealing with tantrums because I made the wrong decision

–getting peed on in the process

–being oddly hungry two hours after eating a nice steak dinner with baked potato and “yunion” rings

–dealing with tantrums last thing at night

And I’m sorry, I know the Bible says to do everything without complaining, but I can’t even begin to divine a list of things I love right now….

OK, OK. Suddenly the Holy Spirit is flooding my mind.

Things I am greatly fond of:
–How Brielle will crawl up to my face and plant a big wet baby kiss on me
–Aviana saying, “But I dist want to BE WIF you!”
–watching,in the company of my tot, birds flit around on the tree outside
–Aviana pretending to be churning butter
–playing about five minutes of Candy Land
–hearing Aviana tell her baby sister to not be afraid of storms, because God made storms
–My darlin’ man (bless him!) taking the girls upstairs for two hours so I can nap even though I told him I want him to work outside on this beautiful day
–the sun shining even though I didn’t step one foot outside all day
–knowing I can retreat to my mama’s if need be
–friends calling to see how I’m doing
–my digital camera
–God answering every. single. time. I pray even a nearly wordless prayer

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