“Mama!” Aviana comes running up to me, as excited as can be, “Dada said if we get our teeth brushed and jammas on and everyfing, we can shut off all the lights and run around in the dark with fwashwights!”

“Ooh,” I agree enthusiastically,” that will be fun. “

“Yes,” says she, “But not naked.”

“Mama! My feet are so told!” she whines at me.

“Well put on some socks then,” I respond.

“Will you be scared to down a hill on a sled?” Dada asks of Brielle.
“No!” she responds vehemently, “I will say weeeee!”
Brielle overheard me talking on the phone about our Happy Birthday, Jesus cake for Christmas Day. She looked up at me, eyes all aglow, “Are we having Baby Jesus tum over?!”

He’s always here sweetie. He’s always here.
Aviana got the whipped topping out of the fridge for me. Apropos of nothing (or so I think) she says, “Gigi set a bad example for me.”
“She did?!” I respond. “What did she do?”
“She took the pwastic off the Cool Whip container with her teeth.”
I laugh. “Did she tell you she was being a bad example?”
“No, I just knew she was being a bad example.”
I was looking at a high school friend’s Facebook Christmas pictures. What a good dad; he got black eye from climbing out a window dressed as Santa to surprise his children.
“What are you doing, Mama?”
“Looking at some high school friends and their kids.”
She looks with me.
In a voice full of wonder and amazement: “Did you go to high school with Santa?”

“No, that’s my friend dressed up as Santa.”
“Did he dress like Santa in high school? “
“No, he just did that for his children.”
She thinks about that for a minute.
“Then what did he wear to high school?”
I begin to comb out Brielle’s bed head.
“Where we going Mama?”
“Nowhere today.”
“Then why you combing out mine hair?”

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  1. lol- another great addition of the farm funnies- I love the You went to school with Santa Claus?!! And the bad example, oh and the why are you brushing my hair then. Heck, they are all funny. 🙂

  2. LOVE THESE! You do such a great job of writing down the cute things your kids say. I love it! I need to be better about that.

    I must confess I am often guilty of only brushing my daughter’s hair if we are going out because she puts on such a fit and it is such a battle that if we aren’t going out, sometimes I don’t feel like fighting the fight. 🙂

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