U is for Under

Saturday: We did some preschool. It’s interesting; some days Aviana will sit and do activity after activity, and keep asking for more. Other days, Aviana will only want to do “messy preschool” which only qualifies drawing in shaving cream or pudding, finger paint or water colors. Keeping Brielle entertained will be the hardest thing about homeschooling. Fortunately, she won’t be 18 months old forever!

Then we all piled in the truck and went to buy some feed bunks from a farm an hour and a half away. After that, we stopped at a Subway for lunch, over the preschooler’s McDonald’s protestations. We went to a farm store for a hay feeder. I found Aviana some pink rain boots and a gingerbread house cookie jar on clearance for $3.

The girls did really well all day and we had an enjoyable family outing. Not the most thrilling of days, by some estimation, but that’s the life of a farm fresh family.

Sunday: I was supposed to teach the three’s and four’s at church. Kevin decided to keep the girls home since they both have runny noses and the weather was icy. When I left it was only raining, but the roads had turned to pure ice. I got stuck going up one of the hills. I could not go forward at all. I backed down the road to a valley between two hills, where I thought I could turn around. Even though I was in “drive” I ended up sliding backwards until I was almost in the ditch.

Luckily, since Kevin was home, he and the girls came and rescued me in the truck. He is so good about stuff like that, staying calm, never berating me. Just accomplishes the task at hand.

Needless to say, I didn’t make it to church.

We hung out all day, reading and watching a movie, while the girls dragged about the house all their toys. I ended up with a fierce headache, but woke up feeling fine this morning.

My hand looks purple and bruised where it was burned, but only hurts a little (or a lot, if I accidentally slam the lid of the diaper pail on it)

5 thoughts on “U is for Under

  1. dad says:

    So glad you are OK the roads are terrioble even ones that R maintained a lot. mom is almost to your house so hope she gets theire safely Love Dad we got DSL Yippee

  2. I love that idea about the letters for under…I’m copying that! I wanted you to know that I’ve added your blog to my favorites and enjoy your posts.
    I too live on a farm and homeschool my kids. They are 5,3 and 9mths.

    My FAVORITE part is allowing them to learn by playing and just being messy.
    take care

  3. homeschool is a lot harder with an 18 month old! i remind myself that lily won’t be that age forever too!

    and, my husband is the same way- no matter what i get myself into, he just calmly does what needs to be done and never makes a comment, except to see if i’m ok- and i’ve done some very, very stupid things! ha! (you getting stuck in the ice is not stupid at all though 🙂 so glad you were ok!)


  4. I hear you on the homeschooling. Right now I homeschool my first grader 2 days/week. Keeping my 18 month old entertained is the hardest part. We do quite a bit while she naps!

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