Twenty weeks

Halfway there–although–the bell curve of pregnancy says that 42 weeks is perfectly normal. I’m due anywhere from 21 August to 18 September, but I’m just saying I’m due “Labor Day”.

Because it’s fun and I like the pun.

Supposedly, I’ve gained about 8 pounds, but it looks to me like a loh-ot more. I really scared myself when I accidentally caught sight of naked me the other day.

The baby, according to a fairly funny site I hadn’t seen before, weighs approximately 10-11 ounces and is about 6 inches long, which is about the same size as a can of Red Bull, which has way too much caffeine for a pregnant woman to be drinking.

We may be thinking about a name that doesn’t begin with D… a friend told me about this research study, which may or may not be a bunch of hooey…

But then again, why mess up a good thing?

Overall, baby and mama are doing well. Baby is active; I feel him/her every day, often. I’m more tired with this pregnancy than I remember with my others. But that stands to reason–I’m two years older and have another child to take care of.

My allergies have kicked into high gear, with a lovely asthmatic cough to contend with on top of the rest, but with good nutrition, herbs and Big Pharma, I’m getting it under control. I didn’t realize until I saw that picture of myself that it shows all over my face.

Off to bed–sweet dreams, world!

9 thoughts on “Twenty weeks

  1. hi, it's my first time here. congratulation! How I miss being pregnant.
    Honestly, aside from not being able to drink white wine it's such a joy for me to be pregnant. I'm sure by now you are getting impatient to see the new addition to your family. take care and get a lot of rest.

  2. Wait a minute, if that study was true then why in the world that those with "F" names be okay? An F in school is way worse than a D. But yet E-Z names live longer than D names? Sorry, don't know how they could come up with this. Sounds like a bunch of hooey to me. I guess we'll have to see if years from now my brother who's name starts with a D outlives me ;).

  3. I hope the allergies calm down for you–that is no fun. I'm not sure I'd put much stock into the report on names. As a behavior disorders teacher I would avoid names that begin with J.

  4. I love your updates…with photos!!! You look so cute. I remember when I first read that issue of "Country" where your family was featured, then I checked out your blogged and got hooked…then saw pics of you pregnant with Cadrian and now baby #4 on the way…oh, I sure hope to meet you one day!!!

  5. Have you ever tried a neti pot?
    That's what I use, and it's helped me out with my allergies. I'm trying to take any prescription or OTC allergy meds if I can help it since I'm still nursing. Only downside is that you can't do it if your nasal passages are completely blocked. Anyway, thought you might be interested since you like natural cures.

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