twenty five

I’m twenty-five weeks pregnant.

I’m also hot. It’s not even truly summer yet, and I don’t tell fortunes, but I foresee a lot of lying around by the pool in my future. Of course, it would be nice if I had a super padded comfortable lounge chair under my bum, a virgin piña colada by my side and a fabulous novel in hand, but odds are good I’ll be sitting on the concrete edge of the local kiddie pool making sure my three cherubs aren’t drowning, fighting or otherwise getting into mischief.

The baby weighs about a 1 1/2 pounds and is about 14 inches head to toe. I was astounded to learn on my cable glut this past week in the hotel that the teeny-tiny baby Josie born to the Duggar family on “19 and Counting” wasn’t as old when she was born as our baby is now.

Our baby bops around a lot and I just LOVE feeling him or her roll and flip in my womb. It is no less thrilling even though I’ve been through this three times before.

Brielle has been positive she can “feel dat baby walkin’ around in dere!” but oddly, she never keeps her hand on the belly long enough to actually feel any movement.

It’s so exciting anticipating what it will be like in 100 days or so when he or she makes his or her appearance.

Here’s what I looked like when I was twenty-five weeks pregnant last time.

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  1. Hey Mama! love reading your blog!
    I'm in Nc with my family this week. We'll be in IA July 15-18 so mark your calendar!!
    I'll talk to you soon! Love ya!

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