Twenty-five weeks pregnant

Our little guy weighs just under two pounds and could possibly survive if delivered now. Your baby measures approximately 9.2 inches from crown to rump. He is growing fast and gaining weight now. His skin is less transparent and is becoming opaque as fat builds up. Our baby’s heart is beating 120 to 160 beats per minute, as we have already heard at several midwife visits. Until now, our baby’s eyes have been sealed shut, but he reopens them this week. The eyes are almost fully formed and the retinas contain all the layers they will have when our baby is born. Our baby’s eyes are blue right now, as they will be for life, unless God works a genetic miracle.
Our baby is lean right now, but is getting fatter all the time as fat is being deposited. Our baby’s skin is getting thicker and paler and is becoming less red and wrinkled as more fat is deposited. Our baby has eyebrows, eyelashes and fingernails, though all are short and need to grow more.

I feel definite movement now as our baby does gymnastic routines. He seems to be a very busy baby, and especially likes to get going when I’m ready to lie down and relax. You could see the belly move as he rolls around in there, if you were so inclined to watch the belly long enough. Funny, no one really seems so inclined. You could also feel him kick, if I knew you well enough to let you touch me, 🙂 no matter how much some people think they should just be so privileged. The top of my uterus is now between my bellybutton and my ribcage, thereby squashing all my other organs into an itty bitty living space. It’s getting more and more crowded in the snuggly chair where we do a lot of our reading, forcing the girls off what little lap there is left, and up onto the arms. And I still have at least 101 days left!
“Your increasing size may cause increasing discomfort. You might be experiencing back pain, leg cramps, headaches and pressure around your pelvic area.”
Check. Check. And… yes, triple check.

I am loving this little one’s pregnancy. I am a LOT more tired than I ever thought, but it is a lot of fun. Not to mention, having Aviana say stuff like “I tan’t WAIT until my baby brudder dets here!” or “Hewre’s a tiss for my baby brudder” which she follows with a sweet smooch to the belly. And then of course Miss Brielle has to follow suit. Ahhh. Lovin’ it.

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  1. Awh, you look so cute! You are about 6 weeks ahead of me and I am also having my third. We find out the sex tomorrow (hopefully).
    I think maybe this tiredness we are feeling has less to do with being pregnant and more to do with parenting 2 girls while being pregnant!

  2. dm says:

    Jessica…just read your older post about the woman in the store coming up to you asking if you were pregnant/ and rubbing your like she needs therapy/medication..:-) Anyway…this week my oldest daughter called me @ work…from the delivery room..congrat’s papa…you have a new grandson….(I was the first person she called)..I felt special..thanks for sharing this most personal slice of your life…

  3. In reply to your question earlier: breastfeeding. The baby weight melts off everytime. Except I have been eating like a horse (and junk at that) this time, and not drinking near enough water, so that is why I still have 9 lbs left. I mean, I am eating like I am still pregnant, and with Trav being gone for so long, I have no accountability.

  4. Yay!!! I love pregnancy… I read your old post about the lady in the supermarket singing and touching you—WEIRD!!! I’m not an approachable person so I can’t imagine anyone doing that to me!!! YIKES!

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