Tut, Tut, It looks like rain

***warning: this is a whiney, complaining post***

It’s cloudy and dark, and you’d think it’d be a perfect day to sleep. Well, you’d be wrong. Everyone is up. At least everyone is happy. Now.

Bedtime is becoming a huge battle again. I thought we had this conquered. But I was wrong.

The night before last, Aviana was up late at her grandma’s. Yesterday we played outside a huge majority of the day, including swinging, sliding, sprinkler, swimming, and a birthday party with lots of excitement–all of which is guaranteed a toddler nap, right?


My allergies were so bad I ended up with a migraine at the party, and Brielle fell asleep in the car. I thought for sure Aviana would sleep.

She didn’t, but she did leave me be for an hour and a half until the pain subsided enough I could get up and be functional. Brielle didn’t sleep more than a half hour, so she was sound asleep at six p.m. Unwakable.

I had Aviana bathed, fed and in bed at 6:40 so she would have twenty minutes to unwind, and be asleep by seven, because surely she must be exhausted. Right?


That little dickens stayed awake until well after eight. At least she stayed in bed.

Brielle stayed up until almost nine. At least Kevin took her upstairs so I could be done dealing with her, but then when I went up to join him, she woke up and needed to nurse for half an hour.

I just want the day to end. Be over and done with. Is that so wrong?

Not to mention, I know they are tired because they get whiney and fussy, prone to tantrums and outrageous emotional displays.

Then I end up staying up later so I have a couple of hours at least without a child demanding things from me.

So you’d think, that on a day like this, cool and cloudy, that it’s a perfect day to snuggle in bed, right?


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