Tue, Jul 6, 20044:26 PMGREAT NEWS!! We just had another ultrasound- the radiologist still has to read it, but the way things look now is that I just have marginal placenta previa & can be treated like a NORMAL- ie not any kind of risk- patient!! Rita, our new midwife, even told us that she is not worried at all. Thank you for all your prayers! Isn’t God amazing? He didn’t have to change anything, but He chose to. They also told us that we have a long legged baby- maybe she’ll be a model/basketball player.

Thank you, God, for your faithfulness. Thank you for your saving grace. Thank you for our little girl. Thank you for answering prayers- whether you answer them like I think you should or not, I know you always do what is best for me and I thank you for that. You are an almighty, omnipotent God & I thank you most of all for loving us- more than we can ever reasonably understand.

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