Tue, Jul 27, 20044:12 PMThe birth story:

I went into our midwife’s for a routine prenatal visit at 4:00 pm. She immediately was concerned because I was suddenly exhibiting several signs of severe pre-eclampsia, the only cure for which is to deliver the baby.

She told me to call Kevin and then to go over to the Birth Place, where they admitted me. They hooked me up to an IV and started Magnesium Sulfate, which is supposed to prevent seizures and my going into shock. Rita and the doctors decided to start the induction process. That evening they gave me Cervadil, which is supposed to ripen and soften the cervix. It didn’t really work. The next morning they started Pitocin, which is supposed to start contractions, dilation and officially bring on labor. It didn’t really work. I was continually getting sicker and sicker. By that evening, more than 24 hours later, my condition had seriously worsened and labor hadn’t even started. We decided that the best way for Aviana to meet the world is via Cesarean.

This entire process was orchestrated by God’s hand. We found out that if I had dilated at all and they had broken the waters, as planned, Aviana’s placenta was such that she would have hemmoraged and died within minutes! Additionally, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.

“He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close His heart.” -Isaiah 40:11

Praise God! Thank you for your continual prayers.

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