Tue, Dec 7, 20043:13 PMTo be a child is to know the joy of living. To love a child is to know the beauty of life.

News Flash: Aviana just rolled over. I had her lying on her back & she was talking to herself in the mirror. Then I moved her to her tummy & she immediately rolled back over to her back! Kevin & I both cheered & she got scared by all the commotion & cried. Yay Baby A!
Mon, Dec 20, 200410:46 AMThis month has flown by! I can’t believe that Christmas is this week already. We are being big fat Scrooges this year. No tree, no presents, no decorations, no stockings hung by the chimney with care (no fireplace either). Our presents are a new house and new interior decorating and a new truck. Yep that’s right you heard correctly. Kevin got an incredible deal on a ’97 Ford F-150, extended cab, fullsize bed (don’t be trying to park that in a crowded parking lot!), fire engine red with silver swooshy things on the side. It has been totalled, but you can’t tell from far away 😉 We took it up to see Polar Express last week and Aviana’s seat fits in the back. We really like it. Excitement, excitement!

Our sweet little baby is getting so big! It seems like she is changing every day! We just love being parents although there are times when I just want to hang an “OUT OF SERVICE” sign on my forehead.

I joined Curves and that is really helping me feel like a person again, not just a mom. It’s weird how MUCH one’s identity changes when one becomes a mom.

It’s bitterly cold, but no snow. Rats. Well, my precious Peaches fell asleep so I guess I’d better get some more house work done. I don’t know how I would EVER get caught up if I worked outside the home! I respect working moms more than ever!12/

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