April 5, 2005

Tue, Apr 5, 20053:14 PM

If you had asked me what has been going on in the last six weeks, my answer would very likely be “nothin’ much”. I can’t think of anything very significant that we have DONE, no big trips or huge milestones.
But God is at work in our lives, teaching me day in and day out that in the everyday mundane walking around life I live that I am doing something significant. Whether it’s pounding blocks together for an hour or lying down with my dear daughter so she can nurse “at will” and sleep longer for her nap, I am doing something significant.
Yesterday, most of the day resembled the “ok, i am done with this” picture, but we still had a fun time together, although the potatoes I planted are probably so stunned by the stress I transferred to them they won’t grow :). In addition to the gardening, we went and looked at the calves gallavanting in the barnyard and spent a long time getting to know Roscoe, our beagledor, since Aviana has been afraid of dogs in the past. We managed to make lunch AND dinner (or as my dear husband says ‘dinner and supper’) from scratch, and get some Reliv calls made.
God really is using me to be a blessing to others and if I can bless my family most, that’s what I want to do most. I’m not DOING as much as my pre-baby days, my planner isn’t crammed with somewhere to be every night, I’m not ‘involved’ like I used to be; but whaddya know? I am learning to be fufilled in this new chapter of my life with the significance of an eight month old reaching out to play with the dust motes wafting gently in a sunbeam.

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