The trouble with children

is they don’t come with a manual. They don’t have an explanation for their behavior. They are completely unable to be understood. They don’t have the capacity for logic.

Aviana:(pitifully) My throat hurts.
Me: That’s because you’ve been screaming and crying and tantruming for over an hour. Are you ready to calm down and come in? (She has to go on the porch to tantrum)
Aviana: No, I want to be able to stream and twy where ever I want to and I don’t want to talk in a normal voice!!!!
Me: Fine.

As near as I can tell, all that set off this morning’s bout of insanity was she didn’t want to hear me read to Brielle. She kept crying, ” I don’t want to hear anyfing! I don’t want to see anyfing!” and generally being ugly until I sent her to sit on her bed. She just escalated from there. She also tried to take off all her clothes and tantrum in the buff, but I put the kibosh on that.


I have no idea.

They both are sleeping now.

If I had the ingredients for a Captain and coke, I’m pretty sure I’d have one. Or six.

6 thoughts on “The trouble with children

  1. Wouldn’t it be super if they did come with a manual? As a stay at home mom I use to think-if I could only turn them off at 5:00 until 9:00 the next morning-you know kinda like a real job.

  2. I am sorry, Mama! That has got to be so hard. My baby cried from noon till 5 today, with one 30 min nap. 😐 My son was crying because I was so absorbed in the little one. Ahh, there’s always tomorrow!

  3. You know that a manual would be great but the only problem is after raising four kids plus two grandkids I have found out no two kids are alike so it would take a lot of manuels. What works for one doesn’t work for another. One of my children only needed a scolding and he wpuld cry like I had just about killed him. Another one was naughty no matter what the punishment but still very sweet and loveable . You are doing a good job girl just keep on going. Believe it or not someday you will look back and long for these days. God Bless you dear.

  4. Hi I popped over from Ris’ blog.

    That has to be tough. Actually I know its TOUGH because my darling daughter has been throwing them all day. It must be something in the air. I tell myself that to make myself feel better. It doesn’t seem to be working though. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  5. Maybe I’ll have one for you. That sounds really difficult Jessica. You must be part saint to do such a good job at keeping your cool. Just think – maybe she’ll be an angel as a teenager???

  6. You know, Eve has done that same thing to me a few times. I just don’t get it! It’s almost like she gets so worked up that she doesn’t know how to stop. And every time it was over the silliest little thing.

    A manual?! Now wouldn’t that be fantastic!

    The other day was so depleting, the only thing that made it better was a glass of wine! I know how you feel….


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