Tribute to Napping House

There was a house a cozy house where everyone was sleeping.
On the bed, the downy bed, there was a mama, a slumbering mama and snuggled up to her, there was a preschooler, a warm and tousle haired preschooler.
On the recliner, the comfy recliner, there was a dada, a snoring dada, and on the dada was a toddler, a rosy cheeked toddler.
In the guest room, there was a bed, a pillow top bed, and on that bed there was a grandma, a snoozing grandma, in the napping house, where everyone was sleeping.

Such was the scene at my house at 2:00 this afternoon. Another cold blustery and snowy day.

A day where a truck got stuck in our drive and tore up the lane. A day where Kevin had to change silos and got so much crud in his face it looked as if he had Cleopatra eyes. A day where I made grilled cheese, tomato and barbeque pork soup, and apples-n-onions for lunch. A day where I lay down to read about the “Buwning Buss” and the ten plagues with Aviana and fell asleep soon after. A day where watching babies laughing on Youtube and hearing our own babies laugh was pretty much all the excitement. A day where Aviana and I read several chapters from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. A day where Brielle added several new words to her vocabulary! A day where Kevin had to drive to town to play a gig, which unfortunately no one will probably attend because of the weather. A day where going outside to shovel, despite the snowpants, toe socks and layers, still makes you shivering cold. A day where one solely desires snuggly warmth and toasty food and quilts and books with the people one loves best. A day where we got what we desired.

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