Too pooped to pop

I have no idea where that lovely phrase came from; I do remember hearing my mama say it more than once, but is it ever fitting today.

I got up early (which for me is before 9–all you early birds just hush your smug mouths–) and went to town. I ran an errand, then met a friend and her two girls for a play date an indoor playplace.

Aviana went down the really tall tunnel slide once with me and Brielle but was too hesitant to do it again until Corienne got there. Oh how she had fun! She and Corienne went down it so many times until Aviana was brave enough to do it alone. And every time she exited the slide, she charged over to me, hair staticly athrill, wearing an ecstatic grin, to hug my legs and exclaim, “Dat was fun, Mama!!”

We had a chiro appointment for which I arrived breathless and behind schedule. You’d be out of breath too if you just hefted two children up a double flight of stairs!

Upon arriving home, Brielle was asleep, Aviana was resting in her Quiet Time Rest Time and I lay down on the couch for a bit myself. I actually fell asleep!

Luckily I had set the timer, so I woke up to Aviana saying, “The timer went off, Mama! The timer went off!” How that child keeps herself awake I’ll never know. We had to leave again; this time I dropped off the girls with Joyce and headed to the doctor myself. I’ve had this really bad cough since Thanksgiving, people, and I finally decided it’s not going to go away by itself.

A little fun fact about me, I actually like to wait at the doctor’s office. I usually have a book in hand, and it is welcome down time. Doctor says I have bronchitis-which sounds worse than it is, but has no idea why. I was given a five day antibiotic and a 14 day scrip for Singulair. Hopefully that will do the trick.

After stops at the library and the pharmacy, I hung out over at Joyce’s for a bit. Upon arriving home, the gates of chaos were flung wide open.

Brielle has been a toddling terror the last couple of days–scribbling on the carpet with marker, ripping library books, taking everything out of drawers– and the today’s dinner time craziness was only exacerbated by her constant mischief making. From spilling the dog’s water, to picking all the macaroni off Aviana’s M picture, to intentionally running the opposite direction when I asked her to come she was unstoppable. She cried when she got disciplined, and praying couldn’t seem to reign her in-she was instantaneously back at it. I am at a loss as to how to get through to her. She is challenging me in a completely different way than Aviana Ever did. Her curiosity is insatiable, her energy boundless and her self control non-existent.

After spaghetti and cleaning up, which included doing yesterday’s dishes, we got our angels in their jammas, found the floor under the toys, brushed teeth, said our verse. Aviana was my hugest helper–everything I asked her to do, she said, “Sure (pronounced sir)” or “Yes Mama.” and promptly did. I look at how far she’s come and know that Brielle will get there too. Finally we settled in to read some stories and nursery rhymes. During which Brielle was spinning circles, playing with the dog, standing on her head, going from my lap to Dada’s, distributing hugs and smiles all the while.

It may not seem like that big of a day to some people, but I do give myself credit for producing 250,000 nuerons per minute in my baby’s brain and millions of cells a day, not to mention increasing my own blood supply, in addition to every other blinkin’ thing I do all day.

Now the house is quiet; the baby cozied bottoms up in her bed, the toddler blissfully sideways, feet in the air, the dog snuggled on an afgan, the husband dozing in the chair, and I am going to go read in bed.

3 thoughts on “Too pooped to pop

  1. You deserve a medal for doing all of that in one day! I too wonder how I make it through some days, and as I think (just thinking….not in the plan yet) about Baby #3 I wonder how I would make it through the pregnancy…let alone having three at home all day! I’m sure you’ll be a master at it though 🙂

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