I curled the girls’ hair today. And Cadrian’s too, as he never wants to be left out.

Peppermint mocha creamer. Coffee. Mmmmm…

Got to church early. Love that!

Our sermon this morning was just for me. God took an ordinary woman and because of her response to God, she holds an extraordinary place in history.

Scrambled eggs and blotch for lunch. Blotch is a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe from my great gram for a coffee cake.

Painted my nails all sparkly.

Hit the gym.

And the grocery. Stocked up on essentials like grapes and potatoes. Got to thinking about when these kids are teenagers… we’ll have to garden for sure then!

We started a new homegroup, and today was the Christmas party complete with white elephant gifts and a chocolate fountain and sugar cookie cutouts. I got a head massager and Kevin got a game called Partini– not very white elephant in my opinion, because we loved them.

Upon arriving home, we were greeted by a thoroughly exuberant six year old who had a permanent tooth coming in. Too bad she has yet to lose the baby one!

Now I think it’s time for a head massage.

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