Today: we went to church-during which I nearly fell asleep because Brielle has been waking in the night now that she’s not sleeping with us. I missed the first part of the sermon anyway because I was in the nursery comforting her. Music was wonderful as usual though.

Then we bought some locally grown honey in hopes it will help with my allergies.

Then we went to a family reunion. It was outside and HOT. I was 8+ months pregnant at last year’s and don’t remember being so hot. It’s with all of Kevin’s distant cousins, like his dad’s cousins and their children, so no one really knows each other. We did get to see his cousin who is back from the Air Force after 21 years serving, his aunt, and another favorite cousin and her girls. And there was a most excellent dessert selection.

We then went to Farm and Fleet, which is just as exciting as it sounds. We got things like flypaper, belts for the mower, baling twine and vinegar.

Then we went to the Dollar Tree. Where everything is a dollar. Kevin went a little crazy with the ketchup. We got some birthday party supplies. The girls’ party is not until August, but I’m spreading out the spending a bit so it doesn’t look like so much. I also found some well drawn detailed but not too detailed maps of 6 of the continents. What does it mean that Iowa and South Dakota are the only states without a featured city?

Then we brought home three very tired, whiney, hot and sticky girls (yes, including me!), and picked up around the house and organized some drawers and shelves with new bins and baskets from the Dollar Tree. After getting the babes to bed, I’ve been messing around on the net, updating my goodreads profile and dreaming. I had intended to finish my book, and my project, but now it’s after ten, so I guess it’ll just be the book!

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  1. Thanks for calling us to come out. Even though we hardly know anyone except for Dad’s cousins and I recognize some of their children it is always nice to see everyone. Thanks for calling and making us come out for a short while.

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