Today in 1838, the Iowa Territory was organized.

And today in 2009, I had to practically suture my baby girl.

She cut her toe. She cut herself on a magnet/marker board that had mysteriously come out of its frame. It was fairly deep, and awfully bloody but I am an awesome fixer. I pulled out my WWII medic knowledge and closed the wound. At first I thought she cut it OFF, I couldn’t even see it for all the blood. I think we’re going to need new carpet.

To begin with, she “couldn’t walk”. Apparently, lying on the couch is boring, because that didn’t last very long. As it turned out, she only couldn’t walk when it was time to pick up toys or come down and get ready for bed. When it was time to jump on the tramp or race her sister, she was miraculously healed.

………………………..My little patient

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for Cadrian either, besides tumbling down the stairs from top to bottom, diving out of the bathtub head first, poking himself on the corner of the keyboard drawer, I hit him in the head with a cast iron skillet.

They’re both fine. I think God made my kids hardier than most, else I don’t know how they would survive.

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