Today I saw four wild turkeys cross the street in the middle of town, a gorgeous cloud bleeding an orange and pink sunset, grass turning green and the eagerness of my toddler to please me and at the same time be her own person.

Today I heard arguing way too many times, the rhythmic breathing of a sleeping suckling baby, delighted shrieks of children playing, too much whining, and the love in my husband’s voice.

Today I made two desserts, one of which was incredibly over baked, but which I frosted and ate some of anyway, two adorable hair bows which I forgot to have the girls wear with the outfits they matched, a chatty call to a college friend, a phone call to my Grandma and the hospital OnCall to see if I should go in about the finger I burned, a grocery list and a meal plan.

Today I read several blogs, My Many Colored Days and I can’t even keep count of how many other children’s books, from Joseph to Moses in one of the children’s Bibles, the comics, the Aldi ad, and the Celebration section in the Sunday paper, the recipes for the desserts, part of a Quick Cooking magazine, and my 7-Ups that I recently taped to the kitchen cabinet.

Today I furrowed my brow in consternation and concentration, I raised my voice in praise and frustration, and I sighed in exasperation and contentment.

Today I repeated myself calmly and irritably more times than one would have thought possible, I disciplined in love and out of annoyance, and I prayed in desperation and satisfaction.

Today I loved and was loved, I kissed and hugged and was kissed and hugged, I helped and was helped.

Today I tried to be fully in the moment, to enjoy each moment, and to make each moment matter. I tried to make it my business to love and delight myself in God and my family and to be honest when I failed.

Today I just lived.

Now I’m tired and going to bed.

3 thoughts on “Today

  1. Your post gave me the shivers…beautiful thoughts…wonderful family you are the wife/mother to. Bless you!

    PS Have been reading “Farm Fresh” for awhile, found it by clicking “Next Blog”!! Enjoy it alot. I am a 56 yr. old mother of two grown sons, grandmother of two girls 8 and 3. Originally from Minnesota, living in Indiana since ’79.

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