Today, I slept in (once I pawned the baby off to Dada at sunrise).

I had cake for breakfast.

And a coffee.

I was awestruck by God’s handiwork above and below the ground. His attention to detail is breathtaking.

Special thanks to Jon Flavel for these photos, since I forgot my camera.

I laughed a lot.

I had some serious heart-to-heart with my parents. And it was a balm to my soul.

I watched a cicada hatching from its nymph case.

Thank you Anita363 for this staggering photo.

I lolled on a porch swing while marveling a dragonfly’s flight engineering. Isn’t the Creator amazing?

I headed off several near tantrums.

I made dinner without a recipe!

I nursed. I snuggled. I read. I kissed. I listened. I loved.

And today, I did it well. Thank you God.

5 thoughts on “Today

  1. I was just reading a book today about how we NEED a sabbath….to remember we CAN'T do it all, to remember we NEED HIM, to remember who He is, what He's made, and who WE are because of HIM….not because of all the things we do. Thanks for another reminder. As a Momma….I have to be honest…..I struggle with doing "nothing". That's NOT good. I hope I'm at a place VERY soon that I can enjoy these things and have a Sabbath….every week. 🙂 Great words, girl!

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