As of today, we are almost done with harvest. Only 36 rows of corn to do, which may take an hour and a half. What a relief! This has been the most stressful harvest in all my years as a farm wife. All seven of them!

We still have a wagon full of corn broken down in the field waiting on a part, but at least that corn is off the cob.

It snowed today.

I had a severe, sudden migraine today. Got adjusted, took meds, cried all my mascara off (some of it ended up on my forehead!) and I don’t know how I made it home. Praise God for my MIL and SIL who took care of the kids so I could rest this afternoon.

I moved the monitor up several inches today and am amazed at the difference it makes!

I learned about cooking ahead, planning ahead, and general saving time in the kitchen at MOMS group today.

I was totally blessed by a friend who offered to wrap my Christmas presents for me today.

Today we turned on the corn stove for the first time.

Cadrian had a nearly hour long fit today that started when I told him he couldn’t nurse. I’m sure a few minutes into it, he forgot why he was screaming, but a tantrum at ear splitting decibels combined with a migraine that would make kitten footfalls echo like falling Sequoias was NOT good.

It was gone, thankfully, by this evening so I could go to a Christmas party. My medicine has high dosages of caffeine in it, and since I have drastically cut my intake in the last month, I can’t sleep and now today is actually tomorrow.

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