Thursday Thirty-one

Thirty-one ( ‘cuz that’s how old I am) reasons I adore my husband:
1* He’s a man of God.
2* He’s a self-starter (the man is out of bed before dawn every. single. day.)
3* He’s so darn cute!
4* He’s loves to serve (for example, my grandma was admiring our light that shines like the sun, and mentioned she might like one. Kevin went out and got her one like, the next day.”
5* He can fix just about everything–just ask Aviana. “Dada can fix this crayon. Dada can fix this box. Dada can fix this breadstick.”
6* He works harder than anyone I know.
7* He has really good taste in wives.
8* He has really bad taste in movies (but in an endearing way).
9* He sleeps like the dead, and can still have conversations in the middle of the night.
10* He tries so hard to love me in ways that matter to me.
11* He wants me to be at home with the girls more than I want to be home with the girls (which, without that kind of support, I don’t think I could do this)
12* He’s a man of habit.
13* He has cute little phrases that he says all the time (ex: Gotta eat it up.)
14* He is the best dad. No really. A lot of women think that their husbands are the best dads, but Kevin really is the best dad, and there can’t be more than one best dad, even though they sell shirts in bulk that say so.
15* He has an amazing and zany sense of humor.
16* He’s a black and white, fill in the blank, multiple choice kind of guy. None of this free form essay stuff for him.
17* I think his tractors are sexy and I love his farmer’s tan.
18* He’s strong- both physically and emotionally.
19* He has an awesome sense of direction and never gets lost, and at the same time,
20* can hardly ever find whatever has been mislaid.
21* He is a man of admirable character.
22* I trust him implicitly.
23* He’s completely willing to do some laundry, or dishes, or dinner, or bathtime…whatever I’m behind on at the time.
24* He makes the best babies.
26* He’s willing to pave new paths and travel new roads–which for a German farmer is no easy task.
27* He’s patient and steadfast.
28* I feel safe with him.
29* He is inventive and innovative, intelligent and insightful.
30* He (puts up with) humors me.
31* He is a wonderful example of God’s love and he’s mine!

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