Thu, Sep 2, 200410:54 AMAviana turned six weeks old yesterday-which, if I were going back to work, would mark the end of my maternity leave. That doesn’t seem nearly long enough. Kevin and I were debating about going to the movies tonight and I just can’t bear to leave her for the three hours it would take to drive there, watch the movie and drive home. I couldn’t imagine leaving her for a whole day! I admire moms who work, I’ll tell you that!

Aviana is working on holding up her head. She can do it for short stints while she is belly to belly with mama or daddy or while on our shoulder. Still not interactive. I’m beginning to wonder if those smiles I saw 2 weeks ago weren’t figments of wishful thinking. Aviana is not very lady like for being a little princess. She burps like a redneck! She’ll squeak and grunt and then toot like crazy and finally sighs contentedly. She’s a good crier though. It’s fretfully pathetic. The American colonists gave beer to their babies, and while I don’t condone that 🙂 I can certainly understand their sentiment. I’m sure it mellowed them out.

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