May 2005

Thu, May 5, 20058:59 AM

We have had an eventful week! Aviana actually crawled this past Saturday on her hands & knees. Apparently it was a one time event because it has yet to be repeated, but she is perfecting her belly scoot and can cross rooms doing the worm.
She is getting her fourth tooth and she can drink: out of a cup w/ assistance, a straw, and her favorite way is via the squirt bottle! She essentially eschews the sippy cup. Oh well. She is eating more solids because I finally got the hint that she wants to do it herself. So we put tiny pieces of whatever on her highchair tray and she gobbles it down. She also is sleeping in her crib!! So far she hasn’t gone to bed without crying, but she slept until 5 a.m. this morning! She loves to “pet” Ellie (cat) & Roscoe (dog) and squeals and squeals with delight. She is blowing, ‘waving’ (tho’ it looks more like the ’50s Indian “HOW!”), and babbling all the time. She has more visible hair too! She is the joy of my life! I LOVE being a mom now.

It has helped too that I have been doing a lot more things. I joined MOPS which I Love(note the capital L). The women are so nice and it has been a lot of fun even though I was only able to go to 3 events before they break for the summer. Making new friends is always a rush anyway. Curves is still going well, although I can’t make it the recommended 3 x’s a week, I feel really healthy and that is what matters.

Spring planting has been a breeze. We certainly haven’t been hampered by wet weather. In fact, we really need some rain, but Kevin has almost everything planted, so that is a relief and he is in a good mood. YAY! I’m actually putting in a garden too- so far I have onions and potatoes planted.

Sat, May 14, 20057:42 AM
It’s hard to believe that May is halfway over! Here’s the latest from the Holst House: Last weekend A & I went to Tulip Time with Grandma, Grandma Joyce, Gigi & Opa, Tia, Uncle Tony, Cora & Aleya. It was fun to spend time with everyone & the little town we were in is quaint & histoical & well laid out with lots of parks and there was a VERY well done parade, but THERE WERE TOO MANY PEOPLE! It was annoying, I couldn’t really enjoy the festival because of so many of the inconsiderate (& worse) public. Just sitting in one place I was forced to view four vulgar tee shirts, one on a girl who looked all of about 15!

Ok ’nuff ’bout that. The next day K & I planted some “strawbabies” in the garden, and spent some time together! He is essentially done planting &; perfect timing too as it has been rainy all week & he wouldn’t have been able to get in the fields.
We went to see “Sahara” this week- thoroughly enjoyable adventure movie- on an actual date,ie sans bebe. We also went to look at some goats that we might buy, The lady also has chickens,a ‘turk-en’, bunnies, elk & deer, so if you’re in the market…

Until next time I leave you with this thought: He who can reach a child’s heart can reach the world’s heart.-Rudyard Kipling

Thu, May 19, 20052:38 PM
Aviana is moving onward and upward. It’s time to Aviana proof the house as she is starting to crawl well and she is scooting better than most Army guys. She can get from sitting to standing now lickety split and today stood up from my lap without holding onto anything for about two seconds! SHe FINALLY is going to bed without a fuss and sleeps all night! YAY!!

Kevin is all done planting and we have the garden in. All my tomatoes that I so carefully grew from seed and transplanted outdoors 2 days ago are dead. I guess I didn’t give them enough of their roots. We planted a lot of different things, so hopefully they will grow & I will know that they aren’t weeds and pull them when they start to sprout.

Kevin keeps seeing an ad for a chicken picker that he wants to buy. And we don’t even have any chickens.But then he also mentioned buying a plane and we don’t have a pilot’s license. Maybe he just likes to look at the classifieds. :)(He wants me to add a disclaimer that the above was just a joke; so don’t think we are crazy)

Our ads around here are very funny tho’- for instance there is a lost grey tabby cat that answers to the name “Little Jerk”. Or if you want some free donkeys, you can have them, but you have to take both of them as “they need to stay together because they are good friends”. Unquote. 😛

K & I are going to see Star Wars tomorrow night and we are not planning on wearing Princess Leia & Hans Solo costumes. Nor are we setting up a tent tonight to camp out for good seats for a MOVIE. A concert maybe I could understand standing in line for days for tickets, but a movie?!?!

Well, I was planning on going to the Farmer’s Market this afternoon, so I’d better get my skates on. TTFN

Fri, May 20, 200510:00 AM

We went last night up to see Kevin’s little cousin graduate preschool, cap & gown & everything. We weren’t sure what to expect, never having been to a preschool graduation, but we had a pretty good time. They did a little performance that of course was really cute. Kevin wanted to know how many years of preschool one must attend in order to graduate. Kristin seems pretty qualified though to advance to the kindergarten realm as she knows that A says “ah”, every letter makes a sound and A says “ah” among other things in ther vast five years of life experience. 🙂 Kevin’s other cousin Beth & her daughter Rebecca was there too She is clapping and dancing to music it is so cute.

Sarah (11) and Kristin (5) are always wanting to haul the babies around and feed them and change them and move them here and there. Little mothers in the making. I remember when my sister and I would fight over our cousins’ babies. Now one of those babies is graduating high school. I imagine he has to know more than A says “ah”- huh, Clinton? Although there was something on News Radio the other day that said that graduates of the school I used to teach at, among others, should have the right to sue because they are graduating kids who can’t read. I’m pretty sure those parents are more to blame than the high school- shouldn’t someone ought to have noticed before they ever got to high school- like their parents??? Grr… gotta blame someone and I guess it can’t be parents’ responsibility to teach their children responsibiltiy and make sure they are learning.

Right now A is having a decent time taking all her animals out of the silo, but I think she would enjoy it more if I let her type. She’s doing a fake cry thing cuz I won’t let her. Did I tell you she makes kissy noises? We are going to the grocery store this afternoon & to the family museum to buy a SUPER cool puzzle I saw at a friend’s house.

I best be going to make something for lunch & I was also going to see if I could spy some asparagus in the road ditch.

Mon, May 23, 20053:20 PM
My dear daughter smells like tuna. I made a tuna salad & put the tuna juice that I had drained on the floor in a bowl for the cat. Before I even had time to say “Bob’s yer uncle”, Sweet Baby A had spilled it all over Ellie, the floor, and of course, herself. She even managed to get some in her hair. Some babies smell like talcum powder, mine: like chicken of the sea.

I wonder how long it would take to wear the scent off, or if I should give her an unscheduled bath. Just kidding, I don’t schedule much around here!

Besides splashing around on the kitchen floor, recent accomplishments include blowing, dismantling a pinwheel lickety split, fake coughing to get your attention and giving “five”. She also does “so big” in response to English & Spanish, “How big is Aviana?/Como grande es Aviana?” and sometime will initiate the game herself.

She also likes peek-a-boo and will remove the cloth from her or your head with glee, and we play that in both languages too. Kevin was a tad chagrined to learn that “Where’s/Donde esta Aviana?, she removes cloth, “peek-a-boo/pik-a-bu!” was pretty much the extent of the game. I showed him how well Aviana played and he said “That’s it?” Appearantly he thought ‘peek-a-boo’ should be a much more involved game.

Today she was playing w/ my wallet and suddenly put it in her mouth and crawled over to me. It was so funny- she looked like a little puppy playing fetch. It was all I could to do to resist taking it from her mouth, throwing it across the room and telling her to “go get it!”

Yesterday we attended a taste around the world celebration for missions at our church. Aviana sampled Haitian pumpkin soup, (which she liked but was too spicy; it made her eyes water), Chinese Won Ton soup, Russian something or other & American water.

I think Aviana might be about to hit a growth spurt. She has napped a lot more than usual the past few days, and will eat as much and as often as I’ll let her. (The solids I don’t mind, but she leaves teeth marks on me sometimes!)

Pay attention to the small things- the kite flies because of its tail. Hawaiian proverb

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