Thu, Feb 9, 20066:50 PMAdorable things I want to remember forever:

I asked Aviana a question and she put her forefinger to her lip, sort of stuck out her lip, looked off to the side and said “Hmmmm….”

She has been lavishing me with kisses lately, even making the “smack” sound. Of course, she also kisses everything in sight just for laughs- like the phone, the couch, her dolly, Ellie… But MY kisses are special.

She has started saying “Yes” and “Nope” -instead of just Yeah & No. We still hear plenty of the No. She says it even to things she loves, like baths. She also says it when she means it–like before falling asleep in the car, she’ll say No, no, no. I even caught her practicing her “no, no, no” in the mirror today!

We started a toddler music class yesterday & she was THE most joyful one in the class. She is also the youngest, so maybe her peers are old hats at this, but her exuberance was breathtaking. She was the only one laughing out loud at the actions and things that we did.

We got the most wonderful book from the library entitled “Clap Your Hands”. It’s full of fun rhyming actions that we always do, both with each other & with the other preschoolers we babysit. Aviana loves that book & will bring it to me & clap her hands. She knows how to do almost all of the actions in the book. She can’t jump yet, but she stamps her feet most excellently instead.
Tue, Feb 14, 20063:54 PMAviana is having a great time putting things like golf balls and orange peels down her pajamas. She is not having a great time waiting for me to get off of the computer.

She said “eat” & “please” a couple of times.

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