Thu, Apr 29, 20048:23 AM24 WEEKS! Our baby weighs about 1 1/2 pounds, and is about 12 inches long.

ADVICE: Do NOT ask a pregnant woman when she is due and then say “Oh my! You’re going to have a large baby!”
Do NOT ask a pregnant woman “How much weight have you gained anyway?”
Do NOT say to a pregnant woman “WOW! Are you having twins?”
DO NOT SAY “You are getting huge!”
All this does is make the pregnant woman want to stomp on your toes with her big feet and jump up and down!

Last night was so windy! I went for a walk and it felt like 12 times as far. I told Kevin if he sees a big orange blob rolling across the field to come get me!

I also cut Kevin’s hair for the first time. I was pretty impressed with myself. We made a bargain-if I cut his hair, he would vacuum. Not a bad deal in my opinion.

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