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I am so cheap it is ridiculous. I hardly EVER buy new clothes and when I do, even if it’s a “good deal” I feel a little guilty when there are so many perfectly good items out there needing homes. I found the boys’ matching Easter shirts at Old Navy online for $7 each and no shipping, but I only did it because I wanted them to match.

Now, this is just me. I know a lot of people find wonderful sales and don’t spend a fortune to clothe their family. I just prefer to buy quality used clothing. I also like to buy a couple of certain brands which I think are cute, which hold up better and it seems like stains come out better.

Which is why I am so excited about my score today. A friend of a friend is having a garage sale next weekend and has a boy a few years older than Cadrian AND she allowed me to pre-shop at my convenience!

Look at this sweet deal!

Today I bought:

12 shirts (size 4 and 5, so I have a few things for next year) (several are my favorite brand)
1 pair of fuzzy footie pajamas
1 pair of pajama pants
2 pairs of jeans
2 pair of shoes (one for now, one in the next size up)
1 pair of winter boots
4 pairs of shorts
2 sun hats (one for C, one for D)
a pair of nursing pajamas for me
a Boppy and cover (I never did like the Boppy for nursing, didn’t like the print on ours but was too cheap to get a new cover…but I forgot how AWESOME Boppies are for photo props with young babies and for when they are learning to sit up, so I gave ours away before Denton came along)
11 books (including Tails -which we got when Aviana was a toddler- and a hardcover copy of Richard Scarry Animal Nursery Tales– a paper back copy of which I bought at a garage sale when Aviana was three–they two of our favorites, and as such are pretty beat up.)

All for $57.50! That’s $2 an item, including the Boppy and my nursing pajama set, and NOT including the books.

I don’t understand why people buy stuff new, but I’m sure thrilled they do since I reap the benefits!

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