The Three Little Pigs: A Re-enactment

You can hear Brielle say “Knock, Knock”. It’s too bad I didn’t catch her saying “Bih-Bah-OooFFF” Big Bad Wolf, because that is pretty precious too!

After this, Aviana suggested playing “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” Here’s what she told her Dada:

You tan be the Bid Bi-wee Doat Dwuff, I tan be the Medium Sized Bi-wee Doat Dwuff, and Bwe-elle tan be the Widdlewest Bi-wee Doat Dwuff, and Mama tan be da BID UDWEE TWOLL!

I wonder if I should be offended… *grin*

One thought on “The Three Little Pigs: A Re-enactment

  1. lol. Why is it that the mom is always the troll? Kids at play are so cute. Cherish them as much as you can right now, because one day they will be teenagers. And it will be a scary day.

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