This post is just to say grrr. And purrrrr.

I was trying to upload these cute interviews I took of the girls, but both blogger and youtube are being obstinate.

I was trying to finish a scrapbook layout for a contest no less, and my printers weren’t working right, Publisher somehow deleted my document so I had to redo all of my journaling, I accidentally punched a hole through the wrong page because I missed my self healing mat under the page I was trying to set a brad through, and I grabbed a ‘regular’ pen which bled. After all that I’m STILL going to enter it in the contest. What the hey!

I was trying to get Cadrian to stop SCREAMING and I guess I must have kept going for the right boob because now he’s sound asleep and my left boob is SCREAMING “Empty me, I’m hurting here!”

All in all though, today was a really good day. Days like this remind me how much I love being an at home mom, even when it’s chaos!

I joined Weight Watchers tonight. SO excited about that.

My mother-in-law made us stuffed green peppers for dinner tonight. Yum!

And my house is clean! And quiet!

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  1. Phew!! I didn’t know whether to be like: Whoa!! I’m sorry or Yay!! I’m so happy for you 🙂

    A bleeding pen is terrible, stuffed green peppers are delicious!!

    I love good days 🙂 I hope today is another wonderful one for you. Enjoy that clean house! Mine is clean too… well, it is for at least for 17 more minutes 😉


  2. Ah, yes, I am having uploading issues as well. Grrr…..

    It’s funny that you said “obstinate” because I have been using that word lately to describe Emily. Double grrrr…..

    Well, I hope you got everything sorted out!

  3. Sorry things were so messed up there for a bit, it’s always like that, when it rains it pours.

    At least you get to enjoy a nice quiet day now right? 🙂

  4. Days like remind me of how quiet it prolly is when you work in an office. haha!! But I would rather put up with a cranky baby than a 40 year old boss acting like a cranky baby any day.

    Ever heard of Creative Memories Storybook maker?? Might be just the thing if you are doing digital scrapbooking…I’m just saying.

    Thanks for help on my blog!

  5. We’ve been having “one of those days” about every other day lately.
    It’s SO ridiculous.
    Yay for the clean house though! That always makes things more bearable.
    I think you must a LOT better at just goin’ with the flow than me:)I’m jealous.

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