This little baby…

is closing in on one.

Aug 09 Denton

I love Denton as a baby. He’s soon to be a toddler. Soon to be running off in the other direction and cackling while doing so. Right now he’s a baby, and I love it. He’s no longer that tiny heavy yet light bundle that depends on me for everything, who nurses himself into oblivion and sleeps for an hour or so.
Now he nurses for a minute and then he’s off to the next thing. He crawls and climbs and scoots and holds on the couch or wall or semi-stationary sibling to aid his cruising.
He says “uh-ohhhh” and “mmmmama!” and “da!” and “vvvvvvvv” whilst crawling along pushing a car. He signs “eat” and waves bye-bye.
He loves his brother and sisters and the dogs and kitties. He loves to feed you and be right in the middle of everything. He loves to sleep in between Mama and Dada and often sideways. He loves to be toted around with nearly any willing party. He loves grown up buttons like the remote or the printer. He loves to splash in the bath.

He does NOT like to be picked up against his will, or being made to lie still for a diaper change. He is also not a fan of smushy baby food meat or being sat upon.
To make him laugh, put him on your head, belly on the top of your head. Or kiss him under his chin, in that fat little soft spot that barely qualifies as a neck. Or let him feed you. Giggles galore guaranteed.

Thank you God for this precious blessing. Our fourth farm fresh baby–our delight.

2 thoughts on “This little baby…

  1. He's just precious, Jessica!

    They are blessings, indeed!

    Our little man is nearly there, as well…He was due on August 24th, but didn't arrive until Labor Day (last year it was Labor Day) Sep 6th,

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