Things that made me laugh yesterday

*Denton’s belly laugh when Cadrian walked around outside kicking leaves into the air.

*Aviana came downstairs singing: Beethoven, Bach, don’t forget bronze fleas!

 I was pretty sure that wasn’t how the song went…If you’re not familiar with the Beethoven’s Wig CDs, check them out. They are a delightful way to introduce children to classical music.

 *Brielle told me they needed to wear my make-up for their upcoming dance recital. When I asked why, she told me, “So we don’t look like we’re all pale and diseased on stage.”

* Kevin got tired of playing “Bad Guy” with Cadrian, and told him, “Go shoot your brother.”

*Denton almost fell off my lap laughing when he was feeding me grapes.

*Aviana wanted a ‘new challenge’ for her Super Summer Challenge, I said (jokingly), “You could learn to drive a tractor.” She looked at me, shocked, and replied, “At eight years old! Mama, I don’t think so!”

*I chalked the kids’ hair the other day. The girls washed theirs out before bed, but Cadrian wanted to leave his green. Funny, everyone who  saw him assumed that his sisters had something to do with it.

*Cadrian’s joy and exuberance about everything, especially if there’s a chance it will deteriorate to rough housing. He always asks if Uncle Corydon is going to come visit, because “I wike him! He always wants to pway wuff house!”

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