Things I don’t really need

but I really really want…

I’ve been itching to shop lately. I’ve been pretty much able to quell the urge and limit myself to groceries, but

I really want to get new covers for the girls’ boosters. We did get the car seats themselves given to us, so that makes $$ covers completely justifiable, right?

I really want to get some adorable wool covers for my baby’s bum. He really needs to bump up his cuteness quotient. I love this one. And this one. Oh, and also, this one. And I’m pretty sure we couldn’t live without this one.

And then I want pretty much anything out of this catalogue.

Oh, that’s pretty much all for the kids. Well, this is for me… sort of.

I know, I’m pathetic.

5 thoughts on “Things I don’t really need

  1. Well, I think you can eliminate the wool soakers (which is what? Do they have plastic insides or what? Or are they just knitted short pants) Anyway, we're headed into summer and you do not want to melt the child! I also suffer from a desire to shop and buy new stuff in the spring. So far, I have resisted…We'll see how I do!

  2. Those booster covers are pretty neat and they sure would be unique. I hate to burst your bubble though, but you could probably buy a whole new booster for cheaper than the covers cost.

  3. Those baby bum covers look HOT, as in not for summer!!

    Love the sling. That would bring the total number of slings you own to 284, right? 😉

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