The One Thing

Tonight in church, our pastor challenged us with a specific New Year’s Resolution. I don’t know about you, but New Year’s Resolutions tend to be in the form of “lose some weight”; ” get to the gym more”; “get more organized”; “save money”; “drink less alcohol” or “eat healthier”. I know this because I looked up “popular New Year’s Resolutions”. These all are good and worthwhile pursuits, but are they worthy?

The specific thing the pastor asked us to consider was “If you could only succeed at one thing this year, what would it be?” One. Thing. What is worthy of the One Thing?

And then, no matter what happens, let nothing get in the way of pursuing your one thing.

I’ve been thinking about it for hours and I am no closer to my one thing than I was when he first brought it up.

I have so many things I need to work on, improve, tweak…

*encourage my sweets in the use of their giftings *focus on the joy of my life *write more regularly *follow a budget *spend less time on FB when the kiddlets are around *or don’t be on it at all *continue bringing less and less processed food into our diet *without spending all my time in the kitchen *and but don’t let it be a god *be a better mama *spend more time focusing on the chiddlers and less on the housework *keep a tidy home *be a kinder, gentler wife *read my Bible more *become a prayer warrior *become more green *fume less *get rid of using more paper products *excercise more regularly *don’t be too focused on my appearance *take care of ‘me’ *trust God to take care of me *don’t let hobbies get in the way of relationship *but have a creative outlet *help others *influence people for His Kingdom *be compassionate *don’t judge *love well

I have a lot more that have been whorling around in my brain, but I’ll spare you…I’ll trust God to lead me to my One Thing. And trust Him to show me how to implement it once He reveals it.

The One Thing.

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