The Birth Pause

I wanted to share this link with you. It was so encouraging and freeing for me. I cried all the way through this article (which isn’t really saying a whole lot at this point because yesterday I cried that Kevin wanted to do hot dogs in the fire pit…don’t even ask…I’m a crazy person right now). Truly though, this article blessed me so much. May it also bless you.

I have always felt so guilty about this photo–my sweet seconds old Denton Leroyce. I still have the placenta inside of me, and his cord was really short, so I couldn’t hold him up to my chest like I was “supposed” to. I was completely overwhelmed by all the aspects of birth–pushing, finding out he was a boy before I was ready to know, the slippery-ness of the chux pads– all of it. But even though I joke about letting him lie on the floor for his first few minutes of life, I have felt that guilt: guilt that I don’t have the euphoric birth look, that I am not even able to touch him, that I am “selfishly” drinking my water instead of being awed by my baby. Then I read this article today, and it moved my soul. 

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