That’s the way it is.

The kids are pretending to be pregnant and have babies. All three of them. They have babies stuffed in their shirts and are kneeling, facing the couch making loud noises, looking oddly euphoric.

Cadrian asked for help getting his baby back in his belly, and I, without missing a beat, said, “Let’s make sure it’s head down because that will make for an easier delivery.”
Children should be introduced to their siblings in the comfort of their own home. Children should grow up viewing birth as a normal, natural, exciting part of life. Children should personally know the blessing that baby bringing is.
Birth is a part of family life, don’t you think?

7 thoughts on “That’s the way it is.

  1. Yes! If I had grown up not hearing how awful, terrible, horrible, terrifying, scary and painful childbirth was my own birth stories would have been much, much different.

  2. Absolutely! Nothing is more beautiful than having had our last baby here at home, with all the other kids close by….I feel such a connection, such a follow through..and my children aren't scared of birth.

    We ought to be ashamed of how we as a culture has made birth out to be some scary and barbaric torture we aren't strong enough to handle! Thankfully, my mother never made it that way, but nearly every other woman I met doubt another reason our country is largely not having more than one or two children…

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