that child ‘o mine

Aviana has been thinking about the cake she wants for her birthday for about six months. It is a frequent topic of conversation around here. Only five more months until her birthday!

I gave Brielle a directive. She immediately, as she is wont to do, began arguing with me. I said, “You may not argue with Mama.”

Out of nowhere, Aviana chimes in, “That’s wight. Never argue with the tween.”

I don’t know where that came from, but the queen is not going argue with her!

About My Mama:
I said to no one, what day is this?
My four year old responded, “It’s the ninth! It’s the day after Ella’s birthday.”

*Thumps hand to forehead* Thank you dear.

7 thoughts on “that child ‘o mine

  1. You think Aviana thinking about her birthday cake 5 mos. early is bad? Ashton is making a 3 ring binder, collecting pictures of things she wants (dresses, flowers, CAKES, etc) for her WEDDING!!! She’s 14!!! And, thankfully, there’s no groom in the picture yet!! lol

  2. lol- heard your little sigh when she guessed 42. 🙂 And your great at doing laundry because practice makes perfect, right? 😉 Fun clip!

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