Thanksgiving Recap

We commandeered Baby Jesus.
We decorated the tree.
We moved some ornaments above the four foot mark when the small ones weren’t looking.
We got a four-wheeler ride.

We posed for a few pictures.

We tried on Aunt Connie’s shoes.

We were treated to a dance show.

We pretended we were teeny tiny babies.We learned there is a reason for those seat belts. He’s sound asleep.
We got gorgeous roses for our sixth anniversary, which is today.

12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Recap

  1. Wow! What a wonderful weekend you all had! And you already have your decorations up, I am impressed! We just got home this evening from my parents. So we are trying to unpack, tidy up, and get ready to decorate!!

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! I am also impressed that you are already so decorated, even have a tree! You are good! I have gotten my Christms dishes out, hopefully today I will get the rest of the decorations out, that’s if everyone cooperates and naps like they should. I love the picture of Cadrian asleep at his bouncy seat, very cute!

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary!!

    I was hoping Aviana would be wearing those heels for her dance show. Bummer. just kidding.
    I can’t believe Cadrian was asleep like that! Too funny!
    Looks like you all had an eventful day,

  4. Her hair is to die for cute!!! Happy Anniversary! Where’s your grandma? I was hoping for some pics with her! She’s so darn cute! My Nana wasn’t feeling well enough to make it to Thanksgiving this year. 🙁 BTW, WW is working for you girl! Looking good!

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