Thanksgiving all around

This was a Thanksgiving filled weekend, with more to come! Saturday the girls and I accompianied my mom and dad (Gigi and Opa) down to my grandma’s (1 1/2 hours in the car-each way) for a Thanksgiving meal put on by the care center that goes along with my grandma’s condo. It was great food (surprisingly) and they gave Aviana a full sized helping. She enjoyed the pumpkin pie with whipped topping the best, but not as much as Opa. Opa ate his pie, then his meal, then Aviana’s pie, then Gigi’s pie, and then the administrator, noting how much he was enjoying the pie, brought him another piece! Which he ate! They also had a harpist playing during our meal, and both girls were huge hits with all the cottage people (as they are called) and the staff, getting toys, and held, and compliments galore. The best part for me, however, was Grandma’s friend Rita who said, “You are a very beautiful woman!” And I don’t even think there is anything wrong with her vision or faculties!

Sunday we drove down to my cousin’s (an hour in the car there from my parents, about 2 1/2 hours back) to go to church and do some more thanks giving. We were 10-20 minutes from our destination when Aviana tells us she has to poo-poo. There is NoWhere to stop. THIS is rural Iowa people! She is a farm girl and can go in the grass, but not when it’s 35 degrees and the wind is “told on your bummie”! We get back in route, with her announcing every few minutes that she has to poo-poo. My anxiety level was this high *indicates forehead* by the time we got to church. Thankfully she didn’t have an accident, and wasn’t even upset that she had to wait. We enjoyed the service muchly, and Brielle enjoyed talking with my cousin’s 7 month old son and nursing noisily. We then adjourned to eat and greet at my cousin’s. It was a housefull and a mouthful. All the things I like best–taco dip, sugar cookies, mashed potatoes, sweet bread, about seven different kinds of pie and other assorted desserts, ahhh heaven. I have no self control; I noticed as I was talking to people in the kitchen, I would be eating more. And more. Finally I had to ask if we could go into a different room because I couldn’t stop myself!
These are the turkey cupcakes Aviana and I made. I’m so thrilled she’s big enough to help me make fun crafts and recipes! Doesn’t Brielle look like she’s about to gobble them up?

I had a great time. My cousins are all fun, and married good people. We all get along well, which is a bit odd for me. My brother and sister and I are the youngest (my next closest cousin is five years older than me) and now that I have a family and we’re all married, we’re more on the same page and can talk about stuff more easily, but all the while growing up I always felt so immature and dumb. What do you say when you’re an awkward 15 to your very cool 20 year old cousin who’s in college? Or to your married with children 26 yo cousin? It still takes some getting used to, even though now age doesn’t really matter.

Then we have Thanksgiving on Thursday with my in-laws.

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