Thank God for family

Yesterday* Day worth noting*:

Sweet mother-in-law watched all three children for me, so I could go to town alone. It’s the first time I’ve been anywhere alone since July 20th. I got sick. I almost fainted in Michael’s. I cried & prayed all the way home.
But still, I got to go somewhere alone!
*babysat a LOH-ot of kids for a couple hours with two other friends
*played “button, button, who’s got the button?”, “duck duck goose” and “mother may I?” before I ran out of steam
*met up with a friend at Chick-fil-a for what was supposed to be a relaxing chat while the children played in the play area
*Aviana was too worn out from playing with other children to play more
*Cadrian cried/screamed/fussed nearly the entire time
*And when we got home
*My MIL called to see if she could come over to hold the baby!
*She put him to sleep, so I didn’t have to comfort him while doing everything else.
*Everyone is asleep.
*My stomach still hurts but I’m feeling a lot better.

5 thoughts on “Thank God for family

  1. OMGoodness! Are you allergic to not having your children with you, too? I thought I was the only one with that syndrome! It never fails that when I get some time to myself, the headache comes on, or when my mom or MIL has the kids, I end up with a cold.

    Ok, so it doesn’t happen every time. But I am starting to get suspicious … Hope your week is great. I’m off to do school.


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