teaching her early

What we did today: After a nice little story hour at the library, we went to buy Mama some shoes. I tried on several pairs of knee length black leather boots, which is what I really wanted to get to replace my six year old pair that have worn out, none of which fit my stringent requirements of stylish comfortable affordability. So I got a pair of athleisure shoes like I’ve also been jonesing for since last fall. The first new pair of shoes I’ve bought in quite some time! I’ve been showing admirable restraint!

Then we went home to pick up Kevin, and after making stops at the grocery store and the bank (where Aviana got a Bubble Gum DumDum), we went out for lunch at the Valley Inn. It’s this little dive bar at which we always treat ourselves to some fried food before going across the road to visit Kevin’s third cousin Elva in the nursing home. We have to bribe ourselves with something because Elva can’t hear and doesn’t have much good to say, and although we know she’s glad we visit, she never acts happy or grateful. So while at the Valley Inn (where we were the only patrons), Aviana “played” pool and foozball.

Then we went home for naps. Only Brielle was more interested in nursing the whole time Aviana was sleeping, so I just laid in bed and read-which is still a special treat.

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