10+ Simple, Free (or Next to Free) Ways You Can Celebrate Special Days in April

A delightful way to easily create joyful days in your home is to frequently celebrate. We have a calendar which tells us the special day each day. Sometimes, it’s something like “Pet your Dragon Day”, or “Clean out Your Computer Day”, but often it’s something we can do to create special memories without any or Carry on!


Not My Grandma

Mother’s Day which was also Grandma’s 86th birthdayGigi, Ella, TíaAmelia, me, GrandmaAviana, Brielle, Coraonly woman in our family not pictured, my lovely aunt Barb Not My Grandma! Some grandmas sit and stare out the window hoping forlornly for some companyNot my grandma!My grandma sits and writes letters sending her company to us with love Some Carry on!