Farm Fresh Family Update

Brielle and Finnella looking for books on CD I haven’t blogged for six months! I have lots of good reasons/excuses, depending on how you look at it. But I miss it and I enjoy it and I am doing it for me, so I’m back! It’s hard to let go of expectations–like how blogging has Carry on!


My favorite

 Ten is a first born. Ten loves a schedule, solitude and creativity. Ten writes novels and stories and plays and journals and songs. Ten fills notebooks and loses them. Ten loves to play piano and sing. Ten practices regularly without being reminded. Ten needs lots of reminders when she’s on kitchen zone. Ten loves to Carry on!



 Elivette has been spending meals in her chair, instead of someone’s lap. Ok, to be perfectly honest, she has been starting the meal in her chair, and ends up in someone’s lap. She doesn’t like it when she accidentally gets food in her mouth, but she sure has fun smooshing it around.  Cadrian has become Carry on!



There are so many reasons why I adore Eight. A newly minted Eight for four days Eight. Eight is thoughtful and sweet. Eight is snuggly and precious. Eight is loud sometimes, but usually mellow. Eight is silly and has an awesome fake laugh and an endearing real laugh. Eight giggles. Eight loves to run ahead Carry on!


Fan mail

One day Aviana was reading Hymns for a Kid’s Heart and came to tell me how much she enjoyed reading the section titled “From My Heart to Yours” by Joni (pronounced Johnny) Eareckson Tada. She asked me about Joni and if she was still alive. I told her she was. We looked her up and watched a few videos of Carry on!