Sweet sleep!

Guess everyone was worn out by the traveling! Kevin’s unwakable in the recliner, Brielle is a lead weight in my arms and Aviana went to bed without a fight. She fell asleep on the way over to Grandma’s house (a two mile trip!) at 11:30 and Grandma rocked her back to sleep for a 2 1/2 hour nap which closely resembled Brielle’s marathon sleep back at home.

I, on the other hand, am wakeful and content. Kevin gave me the night off and I went out to dinner with dear friends and cruising the mall. We complained about Victoria’s Secret and dished on our husbands, got mall food and coffee, looked at clothes we would never wear, and some we would, reminisced about the 80’s, tried out perfumes and kvetched about kids.

I got a catalogue and a Biblezine. Never heard of that? Me either. It’s a New Testament designed to look like a magazine, with other articles and photos in addition to the Bible text. I plan to keep it next to the nursing chair & look through it instead of catalogues.

Although, I must say I do love a good browse through a catalogue. Especially L.L.Bean and J. Crew. Everyone looks so outdoorsy and fresh. I want to be out on the front porch of my log cabin in my cute flannel, long johns and boots, hair attractively touseled, my mug of steaming coffee in hand, watching my adorable husband carry wood for our fire clad in his equally cute flannel, long johns and boots, while our precious children play merrily in the snow that is not too cold or wet, before coming in to cozy under a wonderfully detailed comforter (preferably monogrammed) to string cranberries and popcorn for the birds.

I just love the world inside my head. Don’t you?

One thought on “Sweet sleep!

  1. Ruth says:

    Can we come along to this perfect winter scene at the getaway cabin and help string the cranberries & popcorn? If so, you’ll have to make room in your fantasy for, in our case — pelting the cranberries & will have already eaten the popcorn! That might change the feel a little?!

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