A sure sign of spring

I love my clothesline so much I’m practically Amish. Ha! I am also a Class A wimp, so I only love it when my fingers don’t get numb hanging out the clothes. What a great way to welcome our first really nice day!

Yes. I’m a little quirky.

4 thoughts on “A sure sign of spring

  1. Oh man, I WISH my hubby would fix our clothesline! He took it down planning to move it to a more convenient location last fall…never got it done! It’s in a heap out there.

    Yes, that is a sure sign of spring!!! Hip, hip, hooray~!

    Hey, tell me, are you still loving your Gazelle? And can you tell me which model you guys went with? Dh and I are looking into buying one very soon…possibly the Sprintmaster. Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

  2. Awesome…we have a small one…can’t find our clothespins, so we have them blowing off the line. It’s the best thing for quilts and blankets though.

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