Supper with Santa

We went to a local Supper with Santa last night. It was held in an elementary school, which Aviana now refers to as Santa’s School. We don’t really do Santa; we tell her that Santa is pretend. I still think it’s a sweet tradition. Well, it would be if it didn’t drive her to tears! The whole way there, she said she wasn’t going to sit on his lap, just stand by him. Then when we actually got there, she was petrified and was clutching Kevin for dear life, and shrieked when he got her too close to the man in red.

She did enjoy the candy and juice box Santa’s helper gave her. We made some little crafts and she got a gingerman tatoo on one hand, and the word “JOY” (her middle name) on the other. It was a fun night!

Getting Tatooed
Making an Ornament
Decorating a cookie

Now Aviana is at my mom’s for the weekend, and it is pretty quiet around here, even with Brielle going “oooooh, goooooo”.

3 thoughts on “Supper with Santa

  1. Looks like you guys had alot of fun! We’ll be taking Trevor to see santa on monday or tues… hopefully he isn’t scared. We got to find a new santa, b/c the one here at the mall I work at is downright scary looking! Not jollyish looking at all. I look at last years picture and wince… and I don’t think he has very good people skills, let along skills with the kiddies

  2. The santa at the other mall here had a really good santa. Real beard, santa glasses, and seemed very much like santa. Didn’t help Trevor from being timid and not wanting to go to a “stranger” Trevor is a cautious observer of people when he’s around people he doesn’t know. So we got a family picture with santa. If I would have known I was going to get my picture taken I would have made myself look a little nicer. :o)

    I’ll put pictures up in the next few days.

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