Super skills

There’s a tee shirt that reads: I make milk. What’s your super power?

I am freakishly proud of my milk making powers. I have milk in abundance, often Brielle will pull off to stare at me or take a breath, and will get squirted in the face. The milk is so rich and full of what she needs that it just sits there on her skin like miniscule blobs of fat. Just now when I was nursing her, apparently my other dear wanted to get in on the action because I noticed milk running down the the outside of my shirt. of course, I have leaked before and clothing over the other dear will be wet, but never has it been so profusive that milk is actually visibly running down my chest on top of my two layers of clothing! You might also be as impressed as I am that the dears are psychic, because often my milk lets down about five minutes before Brielle wakes up from a nap ready to eat!

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