Sunshiny days

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do!

Especially considering that after I got all bragadocious on here last night (she’s asleep, so sound asleep…) that Aviana was awake for about an hour at 10:30 or so. But then, she slept until 7:15!! Amazing. I woke up before she did. I can’t even think of the last time that happened!

Kevin had called last night, but since I was online, I didn’t get the message. He called twice today (I feel so loved!) and I got an email too!

A & I have had a quiet morning. I didn’t get dressed until after she went down for a nap, and she is still wearing the Iowa State onesie she slept all night in. I had to change her sheets right before her nap because there was poo-poo on them-don’t ask me how because she woke up dry & clean today! It must have been (THIS IS GROSS!)from the other day -I think Kevin said she woke up dirty. But you can’t see all of her bed because of the blankets & he wouldn’t have noticed the smell if she was smelly. I thought I smelled something last night when I went in the several times when she kept waking up, and yesterday at naptime, but didn’t see/find anything. When the odor was still there today, I took everything out of her bed & found the problems. Ick Ick and more ick. Poor baby- that’s probably why she wouldn’t sleep for her nap and woke up in the night. We made her sleep in a stenchy bed!

Here are some pictures from the Fourth and Fifth (Kevin’s birthday).

“Fag hamas” (flag jamas)

She truly enjoyed the sparklers and wanted to do “more, more” but it was already waaaaay past her bedtime, so we quit at five.

I made a ‘jelly roll’ cake with coffee ice cream. I have to say the cake was a big hit- he ate three pieces that day! Aviana wants to eat “toffee take” all the time!

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